About us

Over the last 23 years, we have built our reputation on producing stylish & contemporary cinematic wedding day films. Hopefully, we will capture the emotions of the day, when you laugh or cry we will be there to catch these moments, these are the things that will make you watch your wedding film over and over again.

Samples video can be found here on our website or you can see the most up to date videos on our Facebook Page. Over the years we have filmed in most of the popular wedding venues in Scotland, if we have a video showing your venue then will happily send you a link.

One of the things our customer love is our preview video, this is something that many of our competitors will just not do!  Our main reason for a preview video is to ensure that you are happy with it!

We are happy to add your choice of music to your Wedding, however, you will be required to supply the Music. This will then ensure that we have the correct version of the music track you require. If we do not receive music from you before your wedding, then WVS reserve the right to use the music of our choice.

The recording of sound is also very important we use lapel microphones where necessary to ensure that your Vows and Speeches are crystal.

To process your booking we will request that you complete a booking form which should be signed and return to us with your £50 Booking Fee. Your balance will be due two weeks prior to your wedding day.

Before booking our services we ask that you look at our Terms of Business. Many Video Companies just don’t have them, they are there to protect both parties so please take the time to read them before making your booking. If you use the online booking for you are agreeing to a digital signature when you press the send button.