Online Streaming

Online Streaming is here!

Wedding Video Services are one of the first wedding video companies in the UK to offer this service and it’s included in all our packages FREE!

So what is Online Streaming?

When you watch a video on Facebook, Youtube or if you watch films on your TV like Netflix, iPLayer or Catch up TV then these are all streamed over

So what’s happened to DVDs?

Before long you won’t have a DVD player to play your wedding video on, so having it streamed is a fantastic way of keeping your video safe.

The Video above is a full wedding, complete with scene selection and chapter marks just like a DVD. This will allow you to see the quality you will get along with how it works. As part of the Streaming package you can download your film to you Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer allowing you to play your film at any time without an internet connection! You can even stream your film to your TV using Apple TV or Chromecast.

Test it on your smart TV – Type the following into your browser  –

Just type in the URL to you Smart TV and it’s there, just like a DVD, you can even pass on the link to Family and Friends so they can watch too, where ever they are in the world!